My youngest turned 4 today.  All of a sudden she doesn't seem so little anymore.  This girl has so much personality and makes us smile all day long.  I took her out to get some pics-- and within 10 minutes I captured about a hundred different faces.  LOL!  Happy birthday Audrielle, our little ray of sunshine.  <3

The Grays

It's been crazy over here so I haven't had time to blog.  I've done two dozen shoots over the last two months, and still have a dozen more to do before the end of this month.  Fall is crazy ya'll!  But I figured I should try to post at least one session just so people don't think I've disappeared completely.  LOL!  Loved this session-- the people, the outfits, the setting, the light, the colors!  All of it!  Enjoy!

The Brights

The Brights are the sweetest family with the most darling daughter. Marisa wasn't super smiley for me, but she was happy and content so I feel like that's still a win!  :)

My Cousin Carole and Her Babes

My amazing cousin Carole is a fellow photographer and, just like most photographers, lacks photos of herself with her kiddos.  I was so happy to be able to take these photos for her in a gorgeous blossoming almond orchard.  Her children are beautiful and were so much fun to photograph.  And I still can't get over how beautiful the orchard was... it looked like it had snowed with all the dropped petals.  Breathtaking.  Thank you Carole for letting me snap a couple pics of you and your babes.