Aniela {BRAND NEW}

This sweet little girl was a tad restless during our shoot, she never quite fell all the way asleep (hence why there are no prop shots-- safety first!).  But she was just so cute so I didn't mind!  And her big brother was equally as cute!  Such a sweet family!


Myles was the first baby I've had to have come back another day because no matter what I did I couldn't get him comfy, happy, and asleep.  But when he came back a week later he was a perfect, happy little angel!  So glad his mommy didn't mind bringing him back, it was so worth it-- we go so many amazing photos of the handsome little guy!  Thanks again for being so patient and understanding Melissa!


I absolutely loved my session with Royal.  Not only was he insanely gorgeous, with the perfect amount of squish and the best blonde faux-hawk I've ever seen-- but he was a perfect little sleeper too!  And his parents were equally awesome.  Such a sweet family.  The best part of my job is definitely meeting new amazing people.  :)

Evangeline {BRAND NEW}

There's been lots of babies in the studio lately (and still more to come!), this is definitely a busy time of year for newborns!  Evangeline came in for her session at 9 days new, and she did a wonderful job at modeling.  Isn't she just lovely?!

Bellina {BRAND NEW}

I got to photograph such a sweet little baby yesterday!  Isn't Bellina a beauty?!  I love how her photos turned out, some of my favorite images to date!  I am so grateful parents bring their tiny little babies to me; to let me cuddle them, and to create art with them as the centerpiece.  I seriously love my job so much!

Charlie {BRAND NEW}

Charlie here was definitely the most awake baby I've had in a loooong time!  LOL!  He just didn't think sleeping sounded like a good idea-- so I snapped pics in the few minutes I was able to get him to shut his eyes, and also snapped pics of him with his eyes open (which I don't usually do-- but he managed some great eye contact!).  I was so happy we were able to get him to sleep for some parent shots though, since those always seem to be my favorite! 

Theodorus {BRAND NEW}

Sweet tiny Teddy was so much fun to work with!  As soon as I started posing him I could tell he had been a breech baby-- his long legs and tight hips made him a bit of a challenge in certain poses, but I get a kick out of his legs going all over the place!  He was full of smiles and sticking his tongue out too!  Such a cutie!  

Marshall {BRAND NEW}

This little guy was a real life doll!  Not only did he have perfect little features (check out his eye lashes, eye brows, and hair!  And he had the most perfect skin!), but he also slept the entire time and was a happy little guy-- never complained about how I positioned him or anything!  I think he liked me.  ;)


Sweet little Aaron came all the way from the Bay Area to have his newborn session with me, which was such a compliment!  Loved working with this family-- such good people.  Aside from getting to cuddle tiny babies, meeting so many amazing people is my favorite part of this "job".  :)